The Gift of Ordinary Days

It is the Saturday morning bike rides. The walks to and from school, listening to your kids’ perspective of the day as you walk.

It is celebrating the excitement of memorable days at school – 100’s Day, science fairs, pajama days, bingo nights, etc.

It is lemonade stands, hide and seek, sliding down the stairs on sheets of cardboard, and finding child-sized bites in the brick of cheese in the fridge.

It is seeing moonbeams shine over their pillows as they peacefully sleep.

It is listening to their music in the car and hearing conversations, laughter, giggles, and bad jokes as the house fills with friends.

It is late-night talks when the house is quiet, the day is done, and you and your teen are the only ones awake.

It is sitting around a firepit admiring the night sky and searching for shooting stars.

It is going to “the beautiful place” at the break of dawn and watching the spectacular colors of the sun melting into the Columbia River on a summer evening.

It is the squeeze of your heart as you smile and say goodbye when they volunteer at camp for the summer.

It is the squeeze of your heart and the boulder in your throat as they leave to start their lives, whether miles away or just 10 minutes down the road. You smile with pride and hold back tears, knowing the days of sandwiches on the go, gallons of milk in the fridge, music lessons, rides to and from work, daily conversations, reminders, and admonitions are gone. Life is theirs to face on their own terms now.

A new season has begun, and we continue to embrace the gift of ordinary days.

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