Rapid Response

We were at my favorite place on the Oregon Coast. It was our last day of a long weekend getaway. The kids and I were overlooking the tempestuous, roiling ocean crashing against the rocky cliffs. The air was heavy with damp mist as dark clouds loomed above, but that did not deter our enjoyment of exploring the ideal pool or being captivated by the dark sea exploding its waves on the lower rocks where we stood watching, mesmerized. This was a vast space with lots of room to spread out and explore. I stood alone on the top of a massive rock as close to the edge as I dared so I could feel the ocean spray and smell the salty, briny scent of the sea. My wire-rimmed glasses were covered with droplets of water. I could see each of my kids branching out to the left of me, exploring rocks and pools, some transfixed, just taken in by the powerful, turbulent scene that played out before us. My kids were within yelling distance.

Suddenly I heard this rapid, repeated clicking sound. I was confused. I called to my daughter, who was near to me. “Do you hear that?” I asked. “No,” she responded. “What?”. “That clicking sound,” I replied. She just shrugged and raised her palms. The clicking sound continued, and suddenly, I felt tiny shocks along my temples and on my cheekbones along with the clicking sound. Then it dawned on me! With alarm, I yelled, “Run! Run!” “Run back to the car immediately!” Just before we made it back to the car, hail started pelting down along with it came thunder and lightning! That clicking sound and those tiny, stinging shocks were a warning! Electricity was in the air!

We all made it safely to the car. Had my kids not been conditioned to respond, had I not had a relationship with them, had I not been consistent with my words and actions, and If my kids had been in the habit of ignoring me or questioning me instead of listening and responding, that experience may have turned out differently.

This made me consider my relationship with the Lord. Am I conditioned to respond? He IS consistent with his words and actions. Am I in the habit of ignoring or questioning instead of listening and responding? I need to be tuned in and ready for a rapid response!

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