About Worry

” Worry can be self-indulgent, paralyzing, draining, and controlling. It conjures up the dark side of my imaginative gifts and consumes my energy. When I take worry into prayer, it doesn’t disappear, but it becomes smaller. I see it for its true self – an imposter that masks itself as action and lassoes one into inaction. Brought into prayer, it sits next to me and whimpers for its former place of honor and power. When I focus on my prayer, on that conscience effort to engage God, worry heels, stays, and sometimes rolls over and dies!” Sybil McBeth (Praying in  Color).

  • Popcorn prayer is like a postcard.
  • Worrying about someone/something is not the same as praying
  • Anything worth doing is worth doing, period – be it a poor or perfect start. It is a starting place.
  • Worry is a call to prayer.

I ask God to help me remember that He is on the throne – not me, and that He helps me to trust Him with the many things on my “to do” list and the things that I cannot finish. I need God to deliver me from the whirlwind around me and in me so that the peace and wisdom that emerge out of stillness and silence might fill me and overflow in love toward others. I need the courage to look honestly at areas of my life where I am not living truth. It is easy for me to take matters into my own hands, especially when faced with trials and pressures. I need God to show me what it means to wait on  Him when things appear to be going badly.

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  1. Amazing personal story. Great read. All women need to read this and be aware.

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